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 we have approximate knowledge on science, technology, games and a mixture of all three things

Hot Rocks

A hobby of mine is to have lots of dangerous materials all in the same container together. Don't worry! It's perfectly safe. The bright blue light that flashes when I open the box is a beautiful sight!

Just being serious for a moment- I have a small collection of items I use to calibrate my Geiger counters. That includes stuff that really shouldn't be

radioactive, but is. Learn about it and the dangers of radiation through this section!

Accidents Map

An interactible map making note of every single radiological accident that has ever happened on earth, big or small. 

Geiger Counters

In-depth review of two counters I own and how to setup automatic data uploading. See your data live on the GMC World Radiation map!


You might also be wondering if you really need a Geiger counter. The true answer is... most people don't need one! They are just very cool to own, that's all!

If you want to subject yourself to some kind of messed-up psychological torture from the year 2009, this game is exactly what you need. Blind Quest II is the sequel to the completely unreleased Blind Quest I (and never will be released, it's too dangerous) and filled to the top with rudeness, weirdness and awful noises. SEE HOW LOUD IT CAN BE?!! THAT'S EAR-HURTINGLY LOUD!!!!!!! 

Really sums up what Blind Quest II is all about.


Our big blog returns to brain you with things you never knew (or did, and forgot.) May include opinion pieces and poorly researched articles.  

Don't take it too seriously. (and don't rely on us for highly accurate information)

Vintage Archive

In here lies stuff from years ago. 

Vaporware, obsolete software, Minecraft Schematics, PC Game addons, cheat codes, patches...


Find something you never knew you needed.

Nukestuff Visitors

I'd like to see where all my visitors come from. This map uses outwards-facing information that is stored by the internet browser you're using, which is also visible by every other website on the internet. If you're worried about this, just know that it's a lot like setting your Twitter or Facebook profile to public- you have to take active measures to define what privacy you'd like on your social accounts. For something as basic as a HTML guest map, you can simply use a VPN or a browser that has features that mask your outwards-facing information (that's your public IP, operating system and browser of choice, nothing like names or addresses or credit card information is stored there!) or a combination of both. I use Brave (a Chromium-based browser) and Private Internet Access, also known as PIA.

The original NUKESTUFF UK website officially closed in 2017, and was not renewed until July 2021. Retaining some of the original icons and artwork, we hope to rebuild our home Nukestuff with our new host.                   

Past and Current Projects

Old stuff lies beyond this point

Blog Roll


The race to grab land in Unamia ended a long time ago; much of it is taken now. Ownership is protected with threats of warfare, borders are guarded with rockets on display. But there are two locations where land is still unexplored. It's too harsh an environment to even last a day; those areas are West Deadland and the unnamed space between Serjia and Verien. Settlements on the north side always assumed Serjia owned the entire south side, but they have so far failed to prove what the land is being used for. On the north side, Valicetown has a Nuclear Power Station sited within West Deadland.