What is Nukestuff for?

About Nukestuff

This site domain was first registered in September 2014 and hosted on website builder Weebly. It started as a cheap way of getting our homepage online, but progressed into an expensive mess of paywalled, buggy building blocks. Every increase in subscription price seemed to strip more features to push to the "business" level of service. 2017 was the last year Nukestuff would be online on Weebly's servers.


We're slowly adding things that we used to have over at our old place, like the download repository, member's area and Blind Quest project page. Nukebrain, our sister blog, has an entirely independant section now. It's got so much space! We also have a new forum software (it's not linked yet, but it exists!)


Soon, Nukestuff will be back to being our personal projects showcase, collection gallery, video-game bug fixing, obsolete software archiving home.


Legal & Copyright


Our projects are the reason Nukestuff UK exists, so we must insist on maintaining our legal rights to our work. Our copyrights will be assumed from the moment the project is created;

Blind Quest (2008) and Blind Quest II (2009)

Deep Dusk: Raiven (2005) and Deep Dusk: Suzenix (2009)

Help Me I'm Peeling! (2014)

Brian's Day (2015)

Any art/software/documentation relating to these projects are the property of Nukestuff UK and must not be reuploaded anywhere else without written permission from the Nukestuff UK administrator. Shareware, wherever a project is given such license, is allowed to be distributed for free but must retain all copyright information and not modified, sold or distributed in parts.