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If you want to subject yourself to some kind of messed-up psychological torture from the year 2009, this game is exactly what you need. Blind Quest II is the sequel to the completely unreleased Blind Quest I (and never will be released, it's too dangerous) and filled to the top with rudeness, weirdness and awful noises. SEE HOW LOUD IT CAN BE?!! THAT'S EAR-HURTINGLY LOUD!!!!!!! 

Really sums up what Blind Quest II is all about.


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In here lies stuff from years ago. 

Vaporware, obsolete software, Minecraft Schematics, PC Game addons, cheat codes, patches...


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The original NUKESTUFF UK website officially closed in 2017, and was not renewed until July 2021. Retaining some of the original icons and artwork, we hope to rebuild our home Nukestuff with our new host.                   

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Just like Blind Quest II, stuff sometimes never gets finished (or started). Here's a list of things we never managed to complete but planned to;


Help Me I'm Peeling! Animated Cartoon Series

Deep Dusk: Raiven Comic Series

Deep Dusk: Raiven Game

Blind Quest Trading Card Series (Prototype Made, never produced commercially)

Minecraft Schematic Bank

Brian's Day Cartoon Series